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‘Sea to Sky’ Salt • Sacred Vessel Medium iii

Our ‘Sea to Sky’ artisan made sacred vessels are one-of-a-kind ceramic bowls, hand thrown on a pottery wheel, by Sarah Zel Chescoe.

Turquoise and azure glazes and coastal textures are inspired by our pristine Australian beaches, rockpools and coastlines and where these colours fuse with the sky.

Each vessel is unique and evokes the Japanese aesthetic of ‘wabi-sabi’ which symbolises the beauty in the imperfection, as one would find in nature. 
Each form is perfectly imperfect and testament to Sarah’s love of texture, surface & colour.

The ancient alchemical process of transforming clay from a soft, malleable material to solid, fired ceramics involves each of the 4 Elements: Earth • Water • Air • Fire 

Glazed Stoneware
140mm x 70mm

Our pieces are created as jewellery dishes, serving bowls, vases, smudge bowls or ornaments.

Hand wash only.

Created by Sarah Zel Chescoe

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